Custom Canvas Printer

About Canvas Caddy™

We started off as a customer shopping for custom canvas prints - just like you are right now! 

We needed to buy a canvas as a gift for a client. Then another for a friend. Then a few more as holiday gifts for family members!!

We searched for a custom canvas printer so we could turn Instagram photos into canvas and DSLR photos to canvas.

We tried a couple online print vendors and the results were pretty cool, but after a few orders...we noticed the quality of the canvas print and the construction of the frame could be much better! 

Wall Art Needs a Makeover

Too Cheap or Too Expensive (Goldilocks Theory)

The World of wall art boils down to two extremes: cheap photo canvas or you have an original Picasso in your living-room!  While you might prefer one of these two extremes: a cheap photo print, or an expensive piece of fine art - the rest of us need something in-between. We want superior quality imagery at a reasonable price! We need something easy to use, durable, and flexible! We need that all-around "just right", Goldilocks of a product.

Limited Imagery

Traditional wall art has limitations.

A poster, a mural, or a custom canvas print has always been a one-and-done creation! Once you print a photo canvas, that's it! Until you decide to throw it out, or take it down and store it, it is what you look at - forever! No changes, no variety, no updates, the same picture F-O-R-E-V-E-R! 

Be honest with yourself. It's extremely hard to choose a picture to print. Nobody likes to do it! You know why? Because you get stuck with it! It collects dust. It yellows. Eventually, it becomes the ball and chain of your decor! This plagues people's homes. This plagues office buildings. This plagues the Hotel & Hospitality industry! 

Ever been in a venue that needs a complete visual makeover? It's too expensive to re-do a restaurant or hotel room on a regular basis...or is it?

We wanted to eliminate all of the problems that traditionally plague your walls!

So...we created the best wall canvas ever made: Canvas Caddy!

What Other Vendors Do

Long story short: other print vendors who sell a "canvas" sell you a textured vinyl banner, stretched and stapled to a pine-wood frame.

While these vinyl canvas prints are cool and inexpensive - they don't make your images look as good as they could and the staples used to attach the graphic to the frame can fall out over time.

When you are hanging a picture on canvas, a mural, or custom artwork - you want it to look the best it can! 

The whole purpose of hanging something is to proudly put it on display for your enjoyment and the World to see!

What We Do

We print on PolyStretch, a premium tension fabric - not vinyl, cheap cloth, or other material hybrids.

We utilize all commercial quality aluminum, silicone, and fabric materials for our production. We also follow processes that meet or exceed all industry print / sign production standards. Canvas Caddy is a universal solution for anyone, consumer or business! 

We simplify the entire process for our customers:

  1. What Size Frame Do You Want / Need?
    • We offer popular canvas sizes for sale via the storefront, shop now.
    • Contact us for large canvas prints and custom frame size quotes. We e-mail custom invoices directly to your inbox!
  2. Place Your Order
    • Placing your order lets us get the design and production process started with you. Don't worry, we won't print anything until you approve it via e-mail! You can place your order / upload artwork in any order! 
  3. Upload Your Artwork
    • Utilize the artwork submission page to upload a photo, image, or graphic anytime. Feel free to send us your final image, or some inspiration / ideas for our team to help you complete your canvas. Submit ZIPS for multiple files at once. (100MB Limit) We also accept Dropbox, Box, Droplr, and Google Drive links for artwork.
  4. Approve Your Artwork
    • Every customer must approve an artwork proof for production in writing via e-mail. We are an on-demand printer / manufacturer. Nothing is pre-made. Every order is given sincere attention by our team. We will work with you to get it exactly how you want it. Only approve artwork that you are 100% satisfied with! You have total control of this process!
  5. We Print Your Graphic
    • Once you give us written approval on your artwork / canvas design, we print your graphic. Depending on the size this can take up to (5) business days to print and sew.
  6. We Build Your Frame
    • Upon artwork approval, we also build your frame. This can take up to (5) business days on custom orders. Hardware-only orders can ship faster. If you have an arrival deadline, please let us know.
    • Custom powder coating is available on our frames but adds additional production time. We can match any basic PMS or hexadecimal color in the World. Please ask for a custom quote. Canvas Caddy frames are brushed aluminum by default.
  7. Install Canvas Caddy
    • Canvas Caddy comes with pre-drilled holes for attaching it to any flat surface via screws, nails, brackets, or hooks. 
  8. Keep a Fresh Look
    • Sick of the same image? Time for an update? Anytime you need a new graphic, place an order and upload new artwork. We will be in touch via e-mail with a production proof and we will process your order.

Who We Are

We are a group of event/creative industry veterans: large format print experts, designers, and photographers who love photos! We are DSLR junkies and Instagram addicts. We realized we were updating our Facebook walls, but not our actual walls IRL. (In Real Life.)

We hand selected top-grade materials to build this custom product. We sought after quality above everything else. We created the best quality photo canvas now available exclusively via our website storefront. 

With thousands of options out there, we sincerely appreciate you considering us as your vendor. We put sincere time and effort into each frame we build and we are confident it will show when you get your first order from us. 

What's In a Name?

Canvas (n) - The material, or more commonly used in dialogue to describe a type of wall-art / imagery, (printed or painted), on various types of vinyl, cloth, and hybrid materials. Prints are usually wrapped / stretched around a frame to create a box-like 3D display that is wall-mounted or hung.

Caddy (n) - No, not the car! Not the guy who carries your golf clubs! A container. In this case, the unique frame that allows the tension fabric graphics to attach quickly and elegantly. Interchangeable graphics make the World a better place!

Canvas Caddy™ 

An interchangeable canvas that will revolutionize your wall decor. Sold exclusively right here.