Upload Canvas Artwork

Artwork File Help

The best quality print results come from Press-Quality .PDF files.

We also accept high-resolution .JPEG, .TIFF, and .EPS files.

Simply upload your high-resolution photo/ image / graphic / artwork. If you have multiple frames or graphics in your order, create and upload a .ZIP file of all artwork (100MB File Size Limit)

Our design team will turn your artwork into a print-ready PDF for FREE! We will email a production proof for your approval. We only print with your written approval!

We recommend uploading the largest resolution file size you can. We print in HD and want your images to look the best they can! If you are a designer and need more details please scroll down for design templates and screen grabs. Anything else? Please contact us.

Canvas Caddy Template Files

Custom Art File Specifications

All Photographs

All bitmap or photographic artwork has to be created / submitted at a minimum of 100 DPI at full size. We recommend 200+ DPI or more for best results. We can print files up to 350+ DPI, but remember we are printing on fabric, not photo paper, threads/fibers do not provide the surface area for ultra-high resolution prints.

Warning: Some photos from Facebook, Instagram, and websites will be too small to print well. We need high-resolution images to make the best quality print that we can! Scaling photographs or artwork may cause images to be blurry and/or show pixelation.

Non-Photographic Artwork

If you are creating a custom graphic or an advertisement, we highly suggest using vector art saved in Adobe Illustrator (.AI), as a "Press Quality" Adobe PDF (.PDF).

File Margins & Bleeds

Please ask us for a design template file if you need one! If you are creating your own design file:

1) Add 3" to the finished canvas size. Ex: If you are ordering an 11" x 17" you will need a 14" x 20" file.

2) Measure in from each side 1". This 1" area on all (4) sides establishes your bleed line. (See pink line in image below.) Be sure to extend images / graphics to at least the bleed line. You can extend the image to the complete edge of the file but it ONLY needs to make it past the pink bleed line.

3) 1/2" in from the bleed line is the final product size. (See black line in image below.) Consider this the crop / cut line where your image will no longer be visible once installed into the frame. (Finished Product Size.) Minor shifting may occur in production, but we try to stay as hard and true to this line as possible.

4) If and ONLY if you are using text in your image, you will need to pay attention to the Safe Area. On sizes below 16" x 20" the Safe Area is 1" in from the finished product line on all (4) sides. On sizes large than 16" x 20" the Safe Area is 1.5" in from the finished product line. If you are designing an advertisement or using text in your graphic, keep all critical and important design elements inside this line. 

Example File Setup

Placing Artwork Inside File

The bleed line is the most important line in your artwork file. Pay attention to this line called out with pink arrows below. Extend your image / graphics past this line on all (4) sides. See (2) correct file placements and (1) incorrect file placement as screen grabs below.

The last screen shot above is incorrect because the image fails to extend past the pink bleed line on all sides.

This example features a landscape formatted 11" x 17" photo canvas.  So, 17" wide x 11" tall. This frame will have an actual design / file size of 20" x 14". We print, cut, and finish the graphic to size with silicone rubber edging sewn onto all (4) sides. 

  • Finished Frame Size: 17" x 11"
  • Design File Size: 20" x 14" 
    • 1" Bleed All Sides
  • Safe Zone within Design File: 7" x 15" 
    • Use guides / rulers to define a Safe Zone.
    • Don't know How? Contact Us or download a template above.

Final Image Size

Below we are highlighting the final product size 17" x 11" as shown via our example above. We print to the bleed line but are showing the true image size once it is cut down and sewn. This is what is visible when the graphic is installed into the frame.

All Artwork Becomes CMYK

All photos / images / graphics / RGB color-profile files will be converted to CMYK for printing.

Linked Files

Any linked files must be embedded, or included in a project folder / project .ZIP.

Create Outlines with All Fonts

Always convert fonts to outlines or send us the font separately in PC or OpenType format. If we don’t have access to the font you are using it will be have to be replaced with another typeface.

Color Matching

A Pantone color value (PMS#) must be supplied as a reference when color matching is desired. We cannot accept responsibility for incorrect colors if you do not provide us with a point of reference. When it is not possible to use Pantone colors for reference, please provide an image or screen-grab as a reference and we will do our best to match any colors.

Professional Design

Basic File Help is FREE

We help our clients create beautiful print-ready files for FREE! This means, we take your photo, image, or logo and place it inside a print-ready PDF with all the right settings to come out perfect. This file becomes your print production proof that we get your approval on before we print.

Design for Hire

Want to get creative? If you require more than basic layout / file help,our design team is available for hire!

Our designers have worked with some of the biggest brands in the World. We have extremely talented hands who can help. Contact us with your vision or inspiration and we will give you a custom quote on any project!