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We build custom size canvas prints, print photos on fabric, and are known for the best photo canvas products available. See why our high-quality interchangeable canvas frame will never leave you hanging. 

Fabric is the New Canvas

You won't find us selling the same cheap canvas prints like you see on other websites. No textured vinyl banners here!

Our custom canvas solution, Canvas Caddy™ utilizes commercial-grade materials, superior HD fabric printing technology, and a cutting-edge frame that allows graphics to be changed quick, easy, and as often as you like!

Canvas Caddy™ is the future of wall art!

How Does it Work?

Canvas Caddy fabric graphics have a thin strip of silicone (rubber) sewn onto all (4) edges.

This rubber strip easily wedges into the aluminum canvas frame creating an even amount of tension around the perimeter of the fabric.

The tension applied to the graphic in combination with the slightly "stretchy" property of the fabric itself, completely eliminates wrinkles. 

Picture perfect canvas / mural / sign / art installations every-single-time!

Tired of the same graphic?

Use the pull-tab to pull the graphic out of the frame. Easily swap graphics whenever you feel like it!

Swap images between frames, rooms, your house, the office, etc. Great for multiple properties or business locations!

Share and trade graphics between family and friends! Graphics fold down small enough to fit in an envelope and mail! No need to worry about wrinkles, they stretch out in the frame!

Why Fabric?

We print on tension fabric vs. traditional vinyl or cloth canvas.

Tension fabric is:

  • Wrinkle-Free
    • Tension fabric has elasticity in the fibers allowing it to stretch, holding snug to the frame for a perfect wrinkle-free fit! 
  • Glare-Free
    • Fabric absorbs light vs. reflecting it like vinyl. Your Canvas Caddy frame will look perfect no matter what the lighting setup is inside your home, office, or venue!
  • Odor-Free
    • Unlike vinyl, dye-sub printed fabric does not continuously emit odor from the ink used like a traditional vinyl banner.
  • Lightweight
    • In a World where things cost a small fortune to ship - every ounce matters! Fabric banners are 1/3 the weight of standard vinyl banners. Fabric banners require 70% less material and energy in production.
  • Bio-Degradable
    • Fabric can be recycled, reused, and re-printed multiple times! Best of all it is bio-degradable! Other materials like vinyl go to our landfills and take hundreds of years to breakdown, causing massive waste and build-up.
  • Green Printing Technology
    • Printing on fabric is responsible! We use water-based inks which are environmentally friendly. We don't use harmful chemicals in our printing process.
  • Interchangeable Graphics
    • Easily swap graphics. Trade graphics between Canvas Caddy frames, walls, rooms, or between commercial facilities/offices/properties! The possibilities are endless!

Any size frame is possible! Any size fabric is possible! We custom build each order for our clients! 

Let us help you bring your walls to life!

Photo to Canvas

Simply upload a high-resolution photo, image, or graphic to be printed as your custom canvas. We print in full-color HD. The higher the resolution you can provide us, the better your print quality will be.

You can upload artwork before or after you order - we will match your artwork submission to your order. All customers get a production proof. We will only proceed to print with your written approval.

We accept .JPEG, .TIFF, .EPS, and press-quality .PDF files.

Upload Custom Canvas Artwork

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