Canvas Assembly & Installation

A complete step-by-step guide to assembling and installing your custom canvas print from Canvas Caddy.

Canvas Caddy Arrives

Your Canvas Caddy will come in a standard cardboard box, broken down to take up as little volume as possible. We ship directly from our manufacturing facility in Ontario, CA to your home, office, small business, or venue.  Expect a package like this, slightly bigger or smaller depending on your exact frame size requested.

Sideview of 11" x 17" frame and graphic kit. Tennis ball showing we pack things down small.

Unboxing Your Canvas Caddy

This is a single frame and single graphic kit with assembly tool shown above. Contents will vary based on your order.

Standard Canvas Caddy Kit Contents

Hardware and graphic are wrapped for protection while in transit.  We include additional assembly instructions and fabric care tips for you inside the box. Bookmark this page for a complete guide with photos.

Each Canvas Caddy frame is made up at least (4) straight linear sections, and (4) corner "L" brackets. We include an allen key tool to make assembly as easy as possible. Larger frames will have additional linear pieces that must first be attached together before corners are created with the L-Brackets. 


Frame Assembly

Match Frame Pieces

Each frame segment is labeled with letters to help guide you through the assembly process. Simply match corresponding letters together to create your frame's 90 degree corners.

Create Frame Corners via L-Bracket

The L-Brackets included insert into the frame's channel connecting the two pieces of frame together. If the bracket doesn't slide into the frame easily then you need to loosen / unscrew the L-Bracket with the allen key tool. You should not have to use force to insert the bracket into the frame! You can unscrew the L-Bracket fasteners / screws the entire way out of the bracket body - be careful they may fall out if too loose.

Create Frame Corner

Slide the two pieces of frame together as flush as possible over the L-Brackets before tightening. Try to make a perfect 90 degrees with no space/gap between segments.

Tighten Frame With Allen Key

When the corners are flush together tighten the L-Bracket using the allen key tool. Be sure to tighten all (4) areas on each L-Bracket.

Frame Assembly - (Build 3 Sides)

Assemble (3) linear sides of frames together first and then complete the frame with the 4th and final side.

Do NOT attempt to assemble all frame segments at once and then tighten. This will NOT work and will frustrate you. Work in one direction and build (3) sides FIRST. After (3) sides of frame are constructed insert the 4th and final side brackets and frame.

Frame Installation

Wall Mounting the Canvas Frame

Naturally you may have jumped ahead and attached the fabric graphic to the frame, but if you are going to mount the frame you will need to attach the frame to the wall first, without the graphic installed. Fortunately, you can pop the graphic in and out with ease! 

Pre-Drilled Frame Holes

Each Canvas Caddy frame is pre-drilled with holes for mounting to any flat surface. We find mounting directly without hanging brackets, wires, or hooks produces the best looking and most secure results. Feel free to drill additional holes through the back lip of your frame if you need to. 

Use #8 Screws

We strongly suggest using #8 size screws with heads that measure at 3/16" diameter and can be purchased at any hardware store. We do not include screws in the order because no two customer installations are the same. Customers screw/attach their frames to different surface types. Be sure to use the appropriate screw-type for the surface you are attaching to. Ex: Sheetrock screws for walls, wood screws for wood, brick screws for brick, etc.

Other Helpful Tools

When hanging / mounting / attaching your frame in your home, office, or venue we ALWAYS suggest having a pencil and a level to get your hanging as accurate as possible. Other useful tools to have on hand are a retractable tape measure, a yard stick and/or straight edge, and an electronic stud finder. Studs are not required for installation, but it is helpful to know where they are when wall-mounting items.

Installing Canvas Graphic

Each graphic has a thin strip of silicone sewn onto the edges - this allows the graphic to be attached to the frame completely wrinkle-free. Once the frame is mounted where you want it - push your graphic into the frame! Start in one corner and work your way around the frame in one direction. Make sure the sewn fabric edge is facing you as you wedge it into the frame.

Interchangeable Canvas Graphics

Anytime you want to replace your graphic use the signature Canvas Caddy "pull tab." We sew this durable tab onto all custom graphics by default. The tab makes it easy to install and uninstall your graphics as you please. Without the tab it would be difficult for customers to remove the graphic without damaging the frame and/or graphic. 

Hiding or Removing the Pull Tab

Some customers hate the "pull tab" or "tag" we sew onto the graphic, but please understand it is for functionality - not looks!

We made the pull-tab as minimal as possible in size, yet still functional. If you don't want it to be visible use a credit card , photo ID, or flat PVC card to wedge the pull-tab into the channel with the rest of the graphic. Install your Canvas Caddy graphic first, then use the card to hide the tab. You can also use the credit card to retrieve the tab later. Slide the card in, and pull out towards you until the tag comes out enough to grab.

WARNING: If you choose to hide, cut, or remove the pull-tab you may damage your frame and/or graphic by attempting to remove / swap the graphic. Please be careful in this process. This is an FAQ, and a quick life hack we have successfully used as professional installers for years.

Questions or Concerns?

We are here to help! Please contact us, leave a voice mail message or drop us an e-mail. A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. We can help you bring any vision to life!