Why Buy Canvas Caddy?

Read more About Canvas Caddy. We built this product to be easy to use, have interchangeable graphics, and be the best alternative to traditional wall art and canvas prints ever made. Never get stuck with the same photo, image, or wall art again - keep a fresh look with Canvas Caddy!

Do I Have to Assemble the Frame?

Yes, some basic assembly is required. We include the allen key you will need to tighten the frame together. Please keep this tool in a safe place in case you want to move and/or tighten your frame at any time.

Here are directions on how to assemble Canvas Caddy, which are also included in every box we ship.

Why don't we pre-assemble the frames for our customers? We can, but the two reasons we do not typically provide assembled units are:

1) Shipping Cost. The more volume / space you take up, the more you pay for. By breaking the frames down, we ship them in smaller packages, minimizing shipping costs.

2) Damage in Transit. By shipping a graphic installed on the Canvas Caddy frame, there is a risk of the graphic being torn or punctured. The only orders that ever ship assembled are for big box retailers who get palettes of frames at a time. Call us for pre-assembled bulk orders please!

How Do I Hang the Canvas Caddy Frame?

Your Canvas Caddy will come with pre-drilled holes on the the aluminum frame.

These holes will allow you to use screws or nails to securely attach the frame to any level surface. We have clients who install our frames on their walls, ceilings, floors, columns, etc!

Yes, you are going to need some basic tools to install this. The allen key we provide and a screwdriver at the minimum.

The Canvas Caddy frame can be attached to: sheet rock, brick/stone, wood, soft metals, etc. Any level surface you can securely drill / sink screws /nails into!

We do not provide hanging brackets because every client hangs their frame in a different way. There is simply no good "one size fits all" hanging bracket or wall-mounted bracket. It is much more important to us to provide pre-drilled holes than actual hanging brackets.

In addition to our pre-drilled holes, feel free to drill your own holes through the back aluminum lip of your Canvas Caddy hardware, should you need extra mounting support or an alternate hole location for your installation. The frame is durable, commercial grade aluminum.

What Color is the Frame?

By default your Canvas Caddy frame is a raw aluminum / silver finish. This looks modern, industrial, and slick - which works well for most of our customers. We also offer black frames which are powder coated versions. Frames can be customized in other colors / ways depending on client needs and installation type. Powder coating frames other colors requires additional production timeline.

Can You Change the Frame Color?

Yes, please contact us for custom frame powder coating.

Powder coating requires additional production time but allows our customers to turn their Canvas Caddy frame into whatever solid color they choose. Simply provide us a photo for reference, a hexadecimal number, or a PMS color value. We will match that color as close as possible and your aluminum frame will be coated in that particular color.

Can You Print Custom Fabric Graphics?

Yes, we print custom fabric for customers all the time! Theoretically we can create anything with our fabric: table throws, fabric backdrops, tradeshow booth graphics, fabric banners, fabric structures, etc.

We are capable of printing up to 10ft wide without a seam. Custom dye-sub printing / custom textile printing are possible.

Please contact us for a custom quote!

Do You Print on Other Fabrics?

We print on PolyStretch premium tension fabric for 99% of all Canvas Caddy customers because it works best in almost every scenario imaginable!

When we build custom light box signs we use a fabric with fibers that illuminate best, our luminous fabric. We also stock other fabric material types for customer projects and installations. We are capable of printing in large format on these other fabric types:

  • Duraflag Fabric
  • Luminous Fabric
  • PloyLycra Fabric
  • PolyStain Fabric
  • PolyStretch Fabric (Tension Fabric)
  • PolyWovin Fabric
  • Perfknit Fabric (Fabric Mesh)

How Long Before I Get My Canvas Caddy?

Our total process door to door takes about (2) weeks - depending on geographic location.

  • Customer Purchases Canvas Caddy
  • Customer Uploads Artwork
  • Customer Approves Artwork Proof
  • We Print Customer's Artwork
  • We Build Customer's Frame
  • We Test Completed Product
  • Canvas Caddy is Shipped

We can manufacture orders faster, but you must contact us for an expedited order request. All expedited and custom orders will be invoiced directly to the customer's e-mail. This allows us to invoice you for custom products easily and securely.

Standard Print Production
Orders print within (5) days or less of approved artwork.

Standard Graphic Finishing
Graphics must be cut / sewn / finished with silicone edging. This is usually completed within (24) - (48) hours of being printed. This finishing process falls into the same window of (5) day or less.

Frame Production
Frames are cut and finished within (5) days or less of approved artwork.

How Do I Design My Art?

Our design team creates the print file / production proof for you! All you have to do is upload your photo.

Should you want more control of the process, we tried to cover everything you need to know here: Artwork Help

If you need a template file or help from our design team, please just let us know. We are happy to help!

Where Do I Upload My Photo?

You should upload your photo, artwork, or graphic by clicking here:

Why is There Tax on My Order?

We currently charge New York State sales tax on all online orders, regardless of geographic location, due to our Sales Tax Nexus. Organizations who can provide 501(3)c / Tax Exempt Status will be invoiced via e-mail to remove taxation from orders.

What is the Warranty?

We offer a limited 90-day warranty on your hardware. Essentially, this gives you enough time to open and install your product to make sure there are no defects or damage in shipping. All materials are commercial grade and are built to last.

Is Maintenance Required?

Over the product's lifetime you may need to remove your mounted Canvas Caddy and tighten the frame. The tension the graphic creates on the hardware can loosen / pull apart the individual segments. Please keep the allen key we initially provided you with your order. You can easily take the frame down, tighten the hardware, and mount it again.