The Future of Hotel Wall Art

This article delves into new SEG print technology that is changing hotel lobby wall art and hotel room wall art. Your property management company needs to ditch traditional framed pieces and decor in favor of a continuous fresh look and the potential to monetize unlike ever before.

Traditional Wall Art Plagues Hotels

When was the last time your company was able to update framed art and wall decor across your entire property?

Most of you are going to to say "years", some of you will say a "decade", and others will say "never." 

The thought of updating the property with fresh wall art and decor is instantly "too expensive" and takes "too much time."

Those framed paintings in your lobby and in your hotel rooms are the bane of your decor and they provide an outdated visual experience for your guests. Your management team agreed upon a hotel theme once upon a time, but that look is no longer fresh and relevant.

If your hotel aesthetics feel stuck...

If you are trying to build infrastructure to enable growth...

If you are looking to increase your revenue...

We want to introduce you to something called SEG.

Silicone Edge Graphics

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) hit the sign industry almost a decade ago. Originally it was used in Europe, the Middle East, and Canada. Only in the past five years has it been popping up in the United States. Even then, it has barely penetrated the market and you will only notice it at trade shows, installed at airports and train stations, and in a few major retailers like H&M, US Polo, Swarovski, and Gucci.

Most hotel management and property managers don't know about SEG and that it is a elegant signage and wall art system that can grow with your properties!

How does SEG work?

HD Dye-sub printed fabric graphics have a thin strip of silicone (rubber) sewn onto all four sides. This rubber strip easily wedges into the aluminum frame for fast and easy installations, removal, and it is interchangeable between frames. This creates picture perfect photo canvas / murals / signs / art installations every time!

Benefits of SEG

  • Rich Visuals
    • HD graphics on fabric look absolutely beautiful. This is no paper poster or vinyl banner - the quality is unmatched. This is the only material used for major broadcast events like The Olympics.
  • Wrinkle-Free
    • Tension fabric has elasticity in the fibers allowing it to stretch, holding snug to the frame for a perfect wrinkle-free installation.
  • Glare-Free
    • Fabric absorbs light vs. reflecting it like vinyl. SEG will look perfect no matter what the lighting setup inside your venue is!
  • Odor-Free
    • Unlike vinyl, dye-sub printed fabric does not continuously emit odor from the ink used like a traditional vinyl banner.
  • Lightweight
    • In a World where things cost a small fortune to ship - every ounce matters! Fabric banners are 1/3 the weight of standard vinyl banners.
  • Bio-Degradable
    • Fabric can be recycled, reused, and re-printed multiple times! Best of all it is bio-degradable! Other materials like vinyl go to our landfills and take hundreds of years to breakdown, causing massive waste and build-up.
  • Green Printing Technology
    • Printing on fabric is responsible! Fabric banners require 70% less material and energy in production. SEG (done the right way) uses water-based inks which are environmentally friendly. No harmful chemicals in the printing process.
  • Interchangeable Graphics
    • Easily swap graphics between frames, walls, rooms, or multiple property locations!
  • No More Professional Installations
    • Once the SEG frame is mounted, anyone on your team can easily swap graphics and make it look perfect.  Housekeeping can easily update any guest room, any conference room, or any SEG frame in the lobby or common areas in seconds!
  • Share, Swap, and Save
    • More bang for your buck! Rotate your imagery or create a graphics exchange program between your various properties!
  • Monetize Your Space
    • Your property has a ton of wall space. Sell those common areas to local companies and service providers. SEG acts as a high-end indoor billboard. SEG creates a premium look for all of your potential advertisers. Your SEG frames will pay for themselves in a year!
  • SEG Lightboxes
    • Any SEG frame can be backlit and turned into a light box sign for enhanced visuals. Thicker frame extrusion allows for LED strips to sit on the inside of the frame and create even rear illumintation. Luminous fabric can be used which allows light to travel through its fibers!
  • Any Size is Possible
    • Any size SEG frame and any size SEG graphic is possible. Want a giant wall mural or panoramic canvas? No problem.

Open the Discussion & Unlock the Potential

SEG is an opportunity for you to continuously update your look and upgrade your property's overall infrastructure:

  • hotel room wall art
  • hotel lobby wall art
  • conference room wall art
  • hallways and directional signage
  • customized special event spaces
  • advertising in common areas

Properties who are considering decorating with SEG, should seriously consider monetizing with SEG. The ROI can take about a calendar year, but the lifetime revenue value is truly unmatched. 

Questions Implementing SEG?

Our SEG products are called Canvas Caddy. We source the best raw materials, fabric, and inks. We print via the newest machines to produce the highest quality HD graphics for our customers. We believe in investing once and reaping the benefits for life! Let us be your SEG experts and resource center. We are happy to answer any questions or schedule a strategy call with you or your team:

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